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January 19-20, 2019

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First, think of all the things you didn’t like about the last aesthetic surgery meeting you attended…

Then imagine a symposium that integrates innovative didactive strategies to create compellingly relevant programming that will address all of those deficiencies.

Well, let me introduce you to a new, true “Start-Up” meeting, called The Learning Curve Summit for Aesthetic Surgery, to be  held in the center of innovation - San Francisco’s Silicon Valley - on January 19-20th, 2019.

This unique meeting is powered by a hand-picked master faculty who are ready and willing to engage in this refreshing forum and an audience who will have the opportunity to not only tailor the program with their pre-meeting input but actually participate in the program itself.   

So no matter how many years you've been in practice, no matter    where you are on your own learning curve, this meeting will help you Learn more, Learn faster ... and "practice" Less! ,

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Lorne K. Rosenfield


  "Understanding another surgeon's path to mastery can effectively move you up your own learning curve"

"Understanding another surgeon's path to mastery can effectively move you up your own learning curve"


Background to the Learning Curve Summit

This meeting was borne out of a common, well-founded frustration with our mainstream educational meeting opportunities:  to actually gather more pearls of practical wisdom from the faculty members rather than simply more evidence of their obvious expertise. In other words, it's going to be far less "show" and whole lot more "tell":  about not only our successes but our failures, our challenges, our complications.

The Learning Curve Summit turns the existing paradigm on its head:  Instead of ending the meeting with the confirmation of the Faculty’s expertise, this meeting will begin with their expertise.  This reversal is based upon a concept recently popularized by Malcolm Gladwell, but originally proven by Anders Ericsson (one of the Summit's keynote speakers). It takes thousands of hours of deliberate practice to reach expertise in a complex skill such as aesthetic surgery, which is why you will find it refreshing to hear, see, question and ultimately understand the deliberate steps, both forward and backward, each Faculty member has taken along their personal learning curves.  These same insights will move you up your learning curve - faster than any other previous meeting you've attended.  I call this didactic strategy “deliberate teaching”: where you can learn more, learn faster...and "practice" less!

Didactic Strategies within the Learning Curve Summit

This program’s operating system of deliberate teaching offers the essential elements necessary to achieve true learning: transparent presentations, expert coaching and effective motivation.  Firstly, these unique presentations’ elucidate the expert faculty’s deliberate practice pearls that emerged along their learning curve.  This will, in turn. help move the attendees member along their learning curve.  Secondly, the meeting’s offering of tailored expert one-on-one and group coaching will effectively deliver personalized practice and technique guidance.  Best of all, these empowering efforts will ultimately motivate the registrant to deliberately practice these new strategies long after the meeting is over.

These objectives will be accomplished with the application of the following unique and innovative strategies:

  • Strictly INTIMATE Environment:  No recording will be allowed, only board certified plastic surgeons will be in attendance and the audience will be restricted to a maximum of 100 registrants.
  • HANDPICKED dream-team Faculty:  We have truly "stacked the deck" with a distinguished faculty deliberately chosen in each discipline in aesthetic surgery based on not only their expertise but also their passion as "truth-teller" educators willing to participate in this meeting’s innovative transparency.

  • Select HIGHER-END Audience:  To insure the same quality as the expert faculty, registrants will be selected based upon their potential contributions to this event.

  • DOGGED Expert Moderation:  The no-holds-barred exchanges will spark questions not usually asked or answered!

  • Tailored Registrant COACHING:  This matches the submitted interests of the attendee and will include everything from one-on-one meetings to small group breakout sessions with expert faculty members.

  • Unique Audience INTERACTION:  The submission of practice interests and surgical challenges, for example, will allow attendees to be aligned via pre-arranged seating and breakout sessions. 

  • Refreshingly TRANSPARENT Lectures:  We'll be deliberately demonstrating what the surgeon used to do that didn’t work, what they are doing now that reliably works, and what they are working on to still improve.

  • COMPREHENSIVE Practice Education: This meeting will encompass the full breadth of the aesthetic surgeon’s practice, from patient acquisition, selection, and preparation, to surgical protocols and techniques to patient recovery, retention and referrals.

  • Enlightening In-Depth INTERVIEWS:  We will feature conversations with expert faculty interviewing expert faculty.  No question will be out of the question as we explore the expert’s personal learning curve in these informal but enlightening fireside-type chats.

  • Innovative Audience PARTICIPATION:  Attendees will be encouraged and empowered to actively contribute to the meeting by sharing their valuable experiences including “Shark Tank”-like presentations of their own learning curves about practice problems and/or solutions.

  • Revolutionary KEYNOTE speakers: Dr. Anders Ericsson, the world’s expert on expertise and originator of the 10,000 of deliberate practice meme will speak.  In addition we will hear from Jonathan Rosenberg, Google Senior VP and expert on innovation and the diffusion of new technologies as well as Dr. Carla Pugh MD, the world's expert on the use of tracking technology for the measurement of surgical performance. They too will be engaged in these same interactive activities.



This Summit will cover the entire gamut of an Aesthetic Practice, delivered by one of the largest expert faculties, within one of the smallest venues, allowing you to: 



Learn More

Learn more of what you need to know to build your aesthetic practice with this comprehensive program:  

  • Learn how to attract and maintain the most desirable aesthetic patients

  • Learn how to achieve better aesthetic results with greater safety

  • Learn how to deliver superlative surgical care and patient experiences


Learn Faster

Learn faster than ever before through the many innovative didactic strategies integrated throughout this meeting:

  • Learn from the experts with transparent reflections on their successes & challenges

  • Learn from the experts in one-on-one & small round table “mentor” break-out sessions

  • Learn from the experts through informal, but probing interviews

  • Learn from your colleagues with “shark tank”-like pitches about their own learning curve to a solution or a challenge 

  • Learn from your colleagues with their participation in “best case-worst case” presentations   



Expert faculty

  Lorne Rosenfield  - Burlingame, CA  CHAIR

Lorne Rosenfield - Burlingame, CA


  Mark Constantian  - Nashua, NH

Mark Constantian - Nashua, NH

  Glenn Jelks  - New York, NY

Glenn Jelks - New York, NY

  David Kahn  - Stanford, CA  VICE-CHAIR

David Kahn - Stanford, CA


  Monte Eaves  - Atlanta, GA

Monte Eaves - Atlanta, GA

  Julie Khanna  - Toronto, ON

Julie Khanna - Toronto, ON

  Bud Alpert  - San Francisco, CA   

Bud Alpert - San Francisco, CA


  William Hoffman  - UCSF, CA

William Hoffman - UCSF, CA

  Val Lambros  - Newport Beach, CA

Val Lambros - Newport Beach, CA

  Al Aly  - Abu Dhabi, UAE   

Al Aly - Abu Dhabi, UAE


  Jack Fisher  - Nashville, TN

Jack Fisher - Nashville, TN

  Gordon Lee  - Stanford, CA

Gordon Lee - Stanford, CA

  Tim Marten  - San Francisco

Tim Marten - San Francisco

  Renato Saltz  - Salt Lake City, UT

Renato Saltz - Salt Lake City, UT

  Foad Nahai  - Atlanta, GA

Foad Nahai - Atlanta, GA

  Louis Strock  - Dallas, TX

Louis Strock - Dallas, TX

  Galen Perdikis  - Nashville, TN

Galen Perdikis - Nashville, TN

  Charles Thorne  - New York, NY

Charles Thorne - New York, NY

  Neal Reisman  - Houston, TX

Neal Reisman - Houston, TX

  Richard Warren  - Vancouver, BC

Richard Warren - Vancouver, BC

  Karen Zupko    CEO, Karen Zupko Assoc.

Karen Zupko

CEO, Karen Zupko Assoc.

  Catherine Maley   CEO, Cosmetic Image Marketing

Catherine Maley

CEO, Cosmetic Image Marketing


Keynote Speakers

anders ericsson.jpg

Anders Ericsson

PHD, Author & Professor, Dept of Psychology, Florida State University.

Anders Ericsson, PhD, is Conradi Eminent Scholar and Professor of Psychology at Florida State University.  He studies expert performance in domains, such as music, chess, medicine, and sports, and how expert performers attain their superior performance by acquiring complex cognitive mechanisms through extended deliberate practice.  He has edited “Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance” (2006) and “The Development of Professional Expertise” (2009).In the book Outliers Malcolm Gladwell based his “10,000 hour rule” on Ericsson and colleagues’s research on musicians.

IAxAkNJM (1).jpeg

Jonathan Rosenberg

Author & Senior VP, Products, Google Inc.

Jonathan served as Senior Vice President at Google and ran the Google product team until April 2011. In that role, he oversaw the design, development, and evolution of Google’s products for consumers, advertisers, and partners. He helped develop the company’s hiring processes and was influential in setting its communications and marketing practices. He is also the author, along with Eric Schmidt, of the New York Times best-selling book “How Google Works.”


dr. pugh.jpg

carla pugh

Stanford University School of Medicine, professor of surgery

Carla Pugh is Professor of Surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine. She is the first surgeon in the United States to obtain a PhD in Education. Her goal is to use technology to change the face of medical and surgical education. Her research involves the use of simulation and advanced engineering technologies to develop new approaches for assessing and defining competency in clinical procedural skills. She is considered to be a lead, international expert on the use of sensors and motion tracking technology for performance measurement. 

mel spira.jpg

Melvin Spira

Professor Emeritus, former chairman, Plastic Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Spira joined the faculty at Baylor College of Medicine and was appointed as chief of plastic surgery by Dr. DeBakey in 1976. He served in that capacity for 19 years. Dr. Spira. In 1985, he was elected as chair of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Spira is a well-published author having authored over 181 peer-reviewed articles and 41 book chapters. As an educator, Dr. Spira is devoted to teaching the next generation. "I will continue to teach and practice the specialty and follow the dictum set forth by my professors and teachers, that 'the professional man has no right to be anything other than a continuous student."





Friday, Jan 18th, 2019




Saturday, Jan 19th, 2019

6:00am-7:00am - BREAKFAST



Lorne Rosenfield Chair and David Kahn, Vice Chair


Lorne Rosenfield: “The Learning Curve:  How to better Teach and Learn the Art of the Aesthetic Practice”  

7:31am-8:15am - KEYNOTE ADDRESS

Dr. Anders Ericsson: "How to become an Expert Plastic Surgeon in 10,000 hours”

8:16am-8:30am - BREAK

Coffee and Conversation with Dr. Ericsson in the Exhibit Hall


Lorne Rosenfield: “Expect the Unexpected!”


The speaker will be given 1 Minute per Year in Practice.

“My Learning Curve”: What I don't do anymore and why and What I do now and how and What I am working on doing better and when. 

Multiple Faculty lectures - Revealing their personal paths to mastery.

Plenary Hall

9:46am-10:00am - BREAK


11:31am-11:37am - Enterprise Briefings

Vendor R & D Presentations: 

"What's Unique and What's Coming"


Dr. Anders Ericsson interview of one of our Faculty.


Lorne Rosenfield

12:06pm-1:30pm - LUNCH WITH AN EXPERT:  Keynote Speaker,              Carla Pugh M.D.

"The Assessment of the Surgeon's Skills in the Future: A Transformation Through Technology" 

Eat, drink and learn

Exhibit Hall

1:31pm-2:30pm - THE SHARK TANK

"A Problem Solved or A Persistent Problem"

Audience Members' Learning Curve Pitches - 3 minutes each -                Before Expert Faculty

2:31pm-2:45pm BREAK 

2:46pm-3:05pm - Enterprise Briefings

Vendor R & D Presentations: 

"What's Unique and What's Coming"


One-on-one and group coaching sessions with an Expert



Pre-Op “Procurement and Preparation”

Karen Zupko, Catherine Maley, Neal Reisman, Renato Saltz, Lorne Rosenfield



Sunday, January 20th, 2019

6:00am-7:00am - BREAKFAST

7:01am: 7:45am - KEYNOTE ADDRESS

Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior VP Products, Google

“Robotics, Machine Learning and Surgery for the next Hundred Years”

7:46am-8:15am - PHILOSOPHY PANEL   

Risks and Complications:  What is acceptable and What is not?

Neal Reisman, Lorne Rosenfield 

Ethicist, UCSF/Stanford

8:16am - 9:30am ONE ON ONE

Experts interviewing Experts

Multiple Faculty Pairings - 30 min each

9:31am-9:45am - BREAK


“My Learning Curve”

Multiple Faculty lectures - 30 min each - revealing their personal paths to mastery.

Plenary Hall

11:54pm-12:15pm -

Enterprise Briefings

Vendor R & D Presentations: 

"What's Unique and What's Coming"

12:16pm-1:00pm - LUNCH WITH AN EXPERT: Keynote Speaker,                  Mel Spira M.D.

"My Journey in Plastic Surgery: What I Did Right and What I Did Wrong"

eat, drink and learn

Exhibit Hall


1:06pm:1:30pm THE SHARK TANK

A problem solved or a persistent problem

Audience Members' Learning Curve Pitches - 3 minutes each -              Before Expert Faculty

1:31pm-2:15pm - MY PROS and CONS

Pros and cons of Expert’s own technique

Pros and cons of other Experts’ techniques

2:16pm-2:30pm - BREAK

2:31pm-2:36pm - Enterprise Briefings

Vendor R & D Presentations: 

"What's Unique and What's Coming"


One-on-one and group coaching sessions with an Expert



Post-Op “Maintenance and Mining”

Karen Zupko, Catherine Maley, Renato Saltz, Lorne Rosenfield

4:16pm-5:15pm - My BEST Case and My WORST Case:                                        And what I LEARNED from both.

Faculty and Audience

5:16pm-6:00pm - My AVERAGE Case using MY FAVOURITE Technique:   What it can do and What it can't do compared to other techniques. 

6:30pm-7:30pm - COCKTAILS and CONVERSATION

Surgeon registration

Registration, like the meeting itself, is purposely innovative:  

To ensure as high quality an Audience as Faculty and a tailored educational experience with audience participation, Registrants will submit their surgical interests so they may be paired up with like-minded colleagues and experts and their practice challenges so they may be invited to be included in the programming. 


Registration Price

Register early, not only for the discount but also for the opportunity to secure a one-on-one coaching session with a faculty member or a "Shark Tank" presentation slot within the program. 


Register by Oct 1st, 2018: $2000

Register after Oct 1st, 2018: $2600

Registration deadline: Dec 1st, 2018



Surgeon Registration Link:

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Cancellation Policy

In light of its necessarily small size and high-quality programming, registration will be non-refundable.  However, the registration can be transferred, upon approval, to a colleague if the request is received by no later than Jan 1, 2019. Email us at



Vendor Information

Exhibitor Prospectus

The Learning Curve Summit has been expressly conceived to disrupt the usual aesthetic surgery meeting.  This innovation will be driven by a purposefully intimate and exclusive audience of no more than 100 board certified plastic surgeons and demonstrated through the integration of many creative interactive and didactic strategies: from novel, deliberately transparent lectures mapping the learning curves of our expert faculty and “fireside” interviews of faculty by faculty to one-on-one and small group mentoring sessions between faculty. And not only has the faculty been handpicked to represent our true masters across the entire aesthetic surgery field but so too have the registrants who will be invited to present their own surgical challenges and solutions, with interactive Shark-Tank-like pitches. 

But this innovation will benefit the vendors as well: The Summit’s exclusive nature will promise unique access to the highest caliber, most successful plastic surgeons. And the program itself will include multiple “R & D Enterprise Minute” segments where the vendor can present what’s unique about their product or service and what’s on the horizon.  In addition, the sponsorship opportunities have been expressly designed to deliver individual vendor top billing for each item hosted.  

We invite you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to not only exhibit your products and services but also participate in the meeting.  But just as the registrant seats will be coveted, so too will the exhibit spaces and the opportunities to both sponsor social events and participate in the scientific program.  Please take a moment to review the meeting’s innovative strategies, stellar faculty and unique programming to see for yourself why I am encouraging you to get on the ground floor with this groundbreaking meeting!


Exhibitor Registration Link:

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THE SITE:  To match the theme of the meeting, the Summit will be held in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of innovation and technology. And you are still less than 30 minutes from San Francisco. 

THE HOTEL:  The Summit will be based at one of the nicest hotels in the Bay Area, The Four Seasons, Palo Alto.  You will experience their legendary personalized hospitality and be close to one of California’s most desirable communities – the tree-lined streets of charming Palo Alto, the prestigious Stanford University, the vineyards of Los Gatos and the world’s most innovative tech companies.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS AND HOTEL RESERVATIONS:  The meeting is being expertly coordinated with the world-class support of Frosch Inc.  They are at the ready to assist you with all your travel plans.  


2050 University Ave, East Palo Alto, CA 94303

  1. Website Link: Click Here
  2. Once on the website, enter requested arrival and departure dates and click on the Corporate/Promo Code button.
  3. Enter the code RL0119LC, which will prompt the discounted group codes to appear and proceed to complete your reservation. Please note the code is date sensitive for Learning Curve Summit.  Should you want to book a shoulder date, please call or email Four Seasons Reservations Team at


For air travel requests, please send your inquiry to


Why attend this meeting?

Because it promises to be the kind of meeting we have all been yearning for: one that is brutally honest, refreshingly interactive, and ultimately, powerfully educational.


Why is this meeting more  exclusive?

Because it will be handcrafted to include only the best of “ingredients” for a meeting: the ultimate in faculty members and keynote speakers, in the most intimate settings before the highest caliber audience. And uniquely, with your advanced input, the meeting will be tailored to match your interests, your expertise, your challenges:  you will hear discussion topics that will matter to you; you will be seated at the meeting and enjoy roundtables with colleagues and experts who will bring value to you.


Why is there no CME credit or institutional support?

Because, it insured that the meeting’s “startup” genome could be preserved and these innovative didactic strategies could be delivered, unrestrained.  


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